Monthly Newsletters


LAReM serves as a source center where brokers and underwriters can seek information that shall be either directly or indirectly related to the Latin American insurance markets trends, developments, and opportunities.

LAReM provides newsletters containing the more significant and relevant news about the entire Latin American region in one simple and short bulletin. Brokers and u/wrs will have ready access to ongoing and forthcoming business developments, economic trends, and insurance tendencies of the entire Latin American region without the need to visit each country's local newspapers.

Our Vision

During the past few years Miami has become host of numerous Reinsurance companies and brokers seeking business from Latin American countries. As a result Miami is joining the ranks of London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bermuda, and Guemsey as a hot spot for reinsurance business. LAReM seeks to recognize this trend and to establish a trademark that can identify the Miami Reinsurance market as a whole.